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Fakirs FX16 and Troy X Mini will release tomorrow.

We glad to announce to our valued vaper friends, Fakirs FX16 and Troy X Mini will be released tomorrow.

Designed and manufactured in the Turkey, using 100% materials from the Turkey.

You can buy with two options; Fakirs FX16 Mechanical Mod – Troy X Mini Set or separately.


Specifications of Fakirs FX16:

Outer Diameter : 16 mm.
Length of Mod: 75 mm.
Length of tube:  62 mm.
316 SS Reverse Threaded Locking Feature.
Positive and negative pins are silver plating brass
Button Spring is also brass.
Top cap, button and buton base made by  CuSn12 (Bronze).
Well Threaded.

Each mechanical mod has unique serial.

What’s inside in the package of Fakirs FX16:

* 1x Standart Bronze Topcap.
* 1x 14500 Battery Tube.
* 1x FX16 Mechanical Mod Button Base.

Price: $90 
Specifications of Fakirs Troy X Mini:

Outer diameter: 16 mm.
All parts made by 316 Stainless steel.
Length: Using as  Hybrid atty, at Dripper Mod  22.5 mm.,  if you use 510 connection, it will be  27.5 mm.
Using as Hybrid atty , at Polypad Tank Mod it will be  40 mm.,  if you use 510 connection it will be 44 mm.
Each atty has unique serial number.


What’s inside in the package of Fakirs Troy X Mini: 

* 1x Atomizer Base.
* 1x RDA Tank.
* 1x New Style Fakirs Drip Tip.
* 1x Tank for polypad usage.
* 1x 510 connector.

Price: $90
If you dont want to buy them seperately, Fakirs FX16 – Troy X Mini Set Price: $160.

Best regards.


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