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Fakirs Troy 1X Released!

We are happy to announce to our valued vaper friends that Newest Monster of Vapor; Fakirs Troy 1X Atomizer! Designed for single coil users. This is the newly improved version of Troy X and Troy 2X atomizer. 

Designed and manufactured in Turkey using 100% materials from the Turkey.

In stock now. 



Outer diameter is  22mm.
All parts made by 304 Stainless steel.
Length: Using as  Hybrid atty  30 mm,  if you use 510 connection, it will be  35mm
All Metal internals mabe by 304 Stainless steel.

Unique serialized.

Adjustable airflow from topcap.

Air hole standard size is 3,3 mm. but you can use changable air holes for getting more performance (1.4, and 2.5mm).

You can use this atty with Fakirs FX 22 and other mods which has 20*1 threading as a hybrid atty

Newest Monster of Vapor: Fakirs Troy 1X.

2 in 1 Hybrid atty for 20*1 threading  mechanical mods.
It’s useful and stylish. Usable 20*1 threaded mechanical mods or other mods with 510 connector. 

Additionaly we added a 510 connector for using other mechanical mods.

What’s inside in the package:

1* New Style Fakirs Drip Tip.
1* Troy 1x single coil atomizer
1* 510 connector.
1* Spares bag (includes o-rings, screws, isolators, extra spring)

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